Mobile Internet industry to develop new opportunities for traditional shoes

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According to the latest statistical analysis of Chinese mobile phone users : in March 2012 , China's smart phone shipments of 17,451,000 , an increase of 133.9 percent last year , the market share of 44.1%. A lot of the popularity of smart phones, tablet PCs and other mobile devices , and 4G network technology matures strong impetus to the development of mobile Internet , and the rise of mobile Internet on the traditional electricity suppliers to produce an unprecedented impact and influence .

For traditional shoes and apparel industry , the mobile Internet to the industry brought new development opportunities. Wider coverage , more precise marketing , interactive and more personalized and closer to the user , are meant shoes and apparel industry in the mobile Internet market has broad prospects . In the face of huge profits in the field of mobile Internet , how to enter the mobile Internet is the problem with traditional shoes electricity providers need to consider .

" Bosideng Down " APP client on the phone line for the traditional shoes electricity suppliers to enter the mobile Internet provides a good reference , this explanation mobile client APP is a traditional commercial enterprises shoes new entry into the mobile Internet . With Mobile APP client as shoes and apparel industry breakthrough into the mobile Internet , the biggest advantage is that the phone APP is unique , most users will only download industry 1-2 APP, APP shoes enterprise developers can grab the phone user's desktop , thus to take the lead .

Industry experts Ding Zemin pointed shoes and apparel enterprises through the development of APP seamless client to achieve 3G and mobile Internet users , successfully attracting more potential customers into the enterprise 's official website the consumer to quickly seize new mobile Internet market . Therefore, the traditional shoes and apparel business enterprise should accelerate the pace of development of proprietary enterprise APP client.

However ,ding"R also pointed out that many companies exist in the development of mobile APP client does not understand the process of the mobile phone user habits , do not understand the special attributes of the phone , the lack of understanding of the overall planning and other issues, these problems will greatly reduce mobile phone users the loyalty, lack of corporate brand personality , affect corporate brand image, the user can not do with 3G seamlessly . Therefore, the traditional shoes and apparel enterprises in the development of mobile APP process, should the spirit of " customer- dependent principles ."

" APP shoes and apparel enterprises in the development of mobile clients in the process, to fully take into account the different characteristics of the traditional PC and mobile phone , mobile Internet users consider personalized business needs , according to their own position and long-term planning , targeted for development, only for users to tailor the APP done to be able to improve the user 's usage , and ultimately enhance brand marketing and product sales business in the mobile Internet . " Ding Zemin said.
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