Qingdao Leather Shoes Shoes Exhibition will be held in June 2014

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   Reporters learned from the China International Trade Promotion Committee , Shandong Province, the Commission , the Asian Development Trade Promotion Center , China Chamber of International Commerce of Shandong Province , Shandong Province, Garment Industry Association , Qingdao Leather Industry Association , Qingdao Haiming International Exhibition Co., Ltd. and Shandong Leather Industry Association hosted the " 2014 the 16th China ( Qingdao ) International Leather, shoes , shoes & Exhibition " ( hereinafter referred to as : the show ) recently Sheng potential start and 2014 June 26 to 28 in Qingdao International Convention and Exhibition Center debut for a period of three days.

    2013 should shun the sky a brilliant cast 2014

    As China 's largest professional Jiangbei Shoes Shoes show, even the start of the four exhibition hall 2013 Qingdao International Convention Center , has attracted nearly a thousand shoe machine shoe industry manufacturers and dealers together exhibitors, audience size of more than 40,000 passengers, creating a previous show another new results . In volume terms the show , three days duration , intent turnover reached 900 million yuan , Taiwan Yi Wang , Wenzhou shoe machine turbot , Taiwan Ding Sheng, Dongguan Cheng Feng, Dongguan and other enterprises in Bangladesh to carry out frequent news on the first day , pre- , orders and other business opportunities in trade continued, live trading hot beauty pass . Moreover, the 2013 session brands gathered , attracted many well-known large enterprises gathered in Qingdao , Ding Sheng, Cheng Feng, Watson Meng Cheng, Hao large , the Far East , Sheng Yan , turbot and other international brands , demonstrating world's most advanced shoe-making machinery, laser equipment, shoes and other leather forefront of cutting-edge equipment and technology. The scene of major domestic and foreign brands competing against sophisticated design with , special , Luxurious filled the whole museum , field technicians , product one hundred desire emotion. Carried out on the first day , " pre-sold ", " Sold ", " reserved " and other words of cloth had been listed on the booth , the scale , the effect of all people can be sighted .

    2014 , should shun the industry trend , show the scale climbing again , nearly a thousand well-known exhibitors from Italy , Germany, France, Japan , Korea and China , Hong Kong , China Taiwan , Guangdong, Zhejiang , Jiangsu, Fujian and other countries and regions to expand the market convergence Castle Jiangbei district , is expected around 3.8 thousand professional buyers will visit , procurement , an increase of 39% in the previous , the total flow of people attending the event will have exceeded 40,000 people, this exhibition will once again set history records.