Chinese enterprises have eight errors zipper

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China zipper brand strategy in full swing , it really has been out of the most basic quality problems, into a higher level of consideration it? In fact, both the views of industry experts , or downstream cognitive , feel the overall quality of Chinese zipper with international giants there is a big gap, especially in the stability of product quality .

    For quality and brand awareness , Chinese enterprises have eight errors zipper :

    One that just create a brand , the quality is not critical , a certain brand influence was to focus on product quality.

    In fact , regardless of the brand or the start-up phase in the growth and maturity, product quality is the lifeline for the existence of the brand . The relationship between the brand and the quality is " gross " and " skin" ,

Without the skin, where the gross adhere to?Such as the relationship of  "tree" and " root" , the root of instability in, the tree will be difficult to survive.

    Second, consider a different firm size, brand and quality requirements are also different.

    Regardless of the  enterprises size, brand core is the same, the emphasis on quality should be the same. Consumers will not because the product is produced by small and medium enterprises , the lower his standards for products. Conversely, large enterprises with brand, in order to catch up with him for SMEs , it should come with more stringent standards and quality requirements of the brand , responsible enough , you always behind others .

    Third, the emphasis on quality brand overlooked . Blind pursuit of external corporate brand reputation , while ignoring the quality is the foundation of the brand .

    To accomplish a designer and brand-name companies , the quality is the core, the quality should be pursued by the brand and have brand quality will become less nonsense . Good brand and quality of the relationship is essentially proportional. A product or brand in order to develop long-term , in addition to their growing beyond innovation , to enhance their quality is indispensable.

    Fourth, pay attention to quality neglect brands.

    This situation generally occurs in technology-driven companies. Business leaders may be technical experts origin, and therefore extremely strict requirements for quality , and strive to produce perfect products. This in itself is no error, but if never pay attention to develop their own brands through other levels , then the business can only be a good final processing base .

    Fifth, consider the use of so-called quality of the product itself, but the quality , ignoring the quality of the extension, not a brand .

    Quality should be a complete concept , from product quality to the service itself , interlocking . Only regular brand products in order to fully achieve this integrity. Not merely the product quality is no problem in use, it is a comprehensive concept , including functions, features, aspects of trustworthiness , durability, service , high -quality appearance . Only these areas are available , and can be called quality .

    Sixth, brand positioning and promotion higher than the actual quality of the product , ahead of the market .

    Strong brand means quality and stability , must always meet consumer expectations. Once consumers that your product did not meet his expectations of the time , consumers will be very easy to lose confidence in the brand , and perhaps never again to buy your products. So, walking in front of the market is risky .

    Seven focus only on the production of quality products while ignoring the quality of prevention.

    Good quality construction should be focusing on prevention rather than oversight. Only by establishing a sound quality prevention system , or even the entire enterprise product quality industry will have a good guarantee , brand naturally follow the upgrade. So advanced quality management system should play a fire , rather than the role of the fire until the fire when needed , brand protection functions is a crisis of protection ! This is very detrimental to long-term development of the brand .

    Eight , attention to product quality , but they ignore technological innovation or cost.

    If there is no technological innovation, immutable products, quality and brand on the market sooner or later, will be eliminated . Conversely, if you do not consider production costs , the blind pursuit of technological content of products , can not meet the needs of the market.

    In the fifties and sixties of the last century , Japanese companies with today's Chinese enterprises are facing the same situation in the international market is the second lowest image quality , original YKK same. But Japanese companies through technical innovation, quality improvement, and finally embarked on the road of international brands , its development process we can learn from .

    China zipper business imperative is to adhere to the scientific management, to ensure the stability of manufacturing precision and quality of products in order to truly build brands. Enterprises should be " endless pursuit of the world 's first quality, speed , service, innovation, cost ," the effort to achieve the service to consumers .