Shoes clothing bags zipper global market demand-driven

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   Although a small zipper is not a valuable products, but it is very  indispensable  in the textile, apparel, fashion, footwear and travel accessories industry. Virtually every piece of clothing zipper basically need to fix in our body. From pants, jackets, boots, tents, backpacks, bags to wallets, handbags, wallets and pencil case, zipper everywhere, basically has become a necessity of modern life.With the GDP rise, changes in lifestyle, fashion sense to improve living standards improved, prompting an increase in disposable income increases the demand for shoes bags, thereby driving increased demand for zippers.

    Keep up with the pace of demand for clothing zipper healthy development of the industry. 2007-2009 of the global economic downturn led to weak demand for clothing, resulting in a negative impact on the zipper market. Consumer confidence weakened, and the freedom to spend the abatement of global trade inability to affect the manufacture and sale of apparel industry, resulting in lower demand for zippers.

   Product aesthetics and functionality continuous innovation has become the main engine of growth zipper market. Good seal, waterproof zipper foot on a new fire growth journey. Good sealing zipper is very useful in the design and production of astronauts and flight personnel complete sealing of clothing. Similarly, waterproof zipper waterproof clothing products can be used to ensure the divers to keep dry and warm in the cold waters. Manufacturers also offer customized according to the specific needs of customers of products, such as zippers, zipper head and zipper sides with different colors and techniques to suit the needs of the end user of the product.

   The key technological advances zipper industry is an important growth opportunity lies in the use of alternative metal zipper plastic zipper. Although more solid and durable metal zipper, but also more susceptible to oxidation and corrosion. In addition to easy to corrosion, metal zipper will increase the weight of the overall weight of clothing, bags and accessories.


   Research on the zipper market showed zipper industry in the Asia Pacific region over the same period of the entire analysis process CAGR of 9.6%, with the world's fastest growth rate and the largest fastener market. Growth in the region benefited from GDP growth, higher living standards, increasing disposable income and for China and India, strong demand for textile products.