What are the composition of the zipper

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Zipper teeth by a chain , pull, stop code ( pre- code and post code ) or a locking member and other components. Wherein the element is a critical part , which directly determines the tensile strength of the fastener side . There are two general zipper chain belt , each chain has a chain to bring their own teeth, two chain teeth mutually staggered . Holding both sides of the element of the slider , the pull tab slide means , so that the element can be engaged or disengaged from each other on both sides .
Details of the fastener components :
1 tape by the tape yarn , chemical fiber or mixed fiber woven into a flexible belt for carrying the element and other components of the fastener ;
2 ribbed edge bead cloth belt used to carry part of the metal or plastic chain to strengthen teeth ;
3 ribs rope rope rope -like middle finger ribbed by the multi-strand fiber composition ;
4 scoops the element of metal, plastic and other materials were processed by a shaped tooth ;
5 SMIC line filler cord processed by the multi-strand fiber cable is made for the production of nylon rope fastener chain -like ;
6 continuous fastener chain refers to the tooth arrangement ;
7 teeth with one side zipper chain chain chain teeth fixed cloth belt known as tooth chain belt ;
8 with zipper chain chain chain belt from the sides of the teeth meshing together chain belt ;
9 is fixed to the top stop ended fastener tape obstructing timely fastener slider pull the stopper out of the fastener tape ;
10 is fixed to the bottom stop ended fastener tape obstructing the slide fastener slider pull the fastener tape , so that both sides of the fastener tape and not completely separated from the stopper . ;
11 before and after the lead is no element portion of the cloth belt known as the lead on Back & forth head tape zipper, the ending before the end of the lead , the next stop after the end of the lead ;
12 cannula ( also called latches ) pin separable fastener is fixed to a tail end , the fastener tape to completely separate tubular member ;
13 socket box retainer fixed at the end of the zipper open end for completely separate piece box chain belt ;
14 double open end gear parts and intubated with a two pin for tube -shaped profile piece on double open end zipper ;
15 Strengthening tape strengthened tape used to enhance intubation , sockets and tape binding strength , improve the life of the compound zipper sheet ;
16 slider slider so engaging and moving parts of the chain teeth kicked in ;
17 is a component of the puller tab of the slider , it can be designed with various geometrical shapes , or by coupling the slider body and the slider body coupling middleware to achieve opening and closing the fastener ;
18 intermediate connector joins the connecter slider body and the intermediate element of the tab ;