Properties and application of the fastener

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Zipper properties and applications
1 , the material is soft nylon zipper , snap fastener is surrounded by state, so flexible and strong, tooth color cloth belt with chain coordination , so elegant colors . Based on these advantages nylon zippers used in footwear, clothing, bags and furniture , use very extensive.
2 , is the most traditional manufacturing metal zipper zipper , can bearing. Affected by a very large load . Aluminum teeth, tooth brass , copper-nickel alloy teeth, tooth bronze , copper teeth, red bronze teeth, no Lak bronze teeth, no teeth Lak Lak shallow gram , black gram Lak Lak no teeth, no ancient black Lak copper teeth, tooth-colored and gold and other metal teeth, platinum teeth, colorful tooth-colored dental products such as electroplating and Y -type teeth, dense teeth, two-way metal zipper pull teeth , etc. , suitable for different requirements , such as : Shoes , senior jackets, leather coat , jeans, overalls and other clothing and bags and so on.
3 , steel zipper , also known as plastic resin zipper ; is made of thermoplastic resin and mold good cloth belt and ejected to produce plastic zipper teeth , teeth bite firmly by the chain , so it can withstand a greater load , its touch and as soft fabric. According to different preferences, select the sprocket with different colors and fabrics , such as : mood of nostalgia brass , gold, silver and other metals , such as colors and fluorescent colors .
4 , invisible zippers, divided into two ordinary cloth Lei Sibu and side edges of the zipper wear , fabric with soft , smooth , elegant and dignified, straight teeth can not afford to wave chain , opened the unilateral vertical will not spin for T-shirts , pants , skirts and so on.
5 , double bone zipper, soft cloth belt dyeing uniformity ; tooth surface is smooth , soft feel when you pull Kai Chang ; pull head pull Kai ease, without locking slide ; closely patch of cloth tape, easy to break and fall off. Mainly used for clothing , bags tents and so on.